buzzsaw1robotBuzzsaw always has to sit on top of a giant pile of dead bodies.

Remember in every Transformers cartoon ever how the robots magically change in mass during their transformation from their alt mode? Well, MP Buzzsaw does that. I swear! Or at least it looks like he does. Either it’s a great bit of design, or Hasbro actually enginnered a toy that invokes the Banach-Tarski paradox. I don’t think there’re enough tiny panels for that, though. Maybe on a movie-line toy.

I didn’t really care about getting MP Soundwave or the other tape guys. I already have G1 Soundwave and Classics Ravage, and they’re good enough for me. But my G1 Buzzsaw has a missing leg, and the MP Laserbeak mold looked so enticing. So I found someone who only wanted Blue Frumble from the Takara 2-pack, and he sold me his Buzzsaw! I mentioned in my email what hamfisted Incredible Hulks Australia Post can be as a request to make sure Buzzsaw was packed with enough bubblewrap, and what the guy did blew me away. Not only was the parcel solid bubblewrap, but he scratch-built a custom triangular parcel for structural integrity. That is so far above and beyond the call of duty it is ACTUALLY CRAZY.

buzzsaw2parcelWho even does this

Buzzsaw looks really great in tape mode; you can view him from any angle and he pretty much just looks like an orange cassette tape. I can only judge from pictures of them, but he seems more than any of the other MP Cassettes to be fulfilling the “in disguise” part of his series’ pitch. Laserbeak ties for that by default I suppose; but then he doesn’t look like a Weiss mango bar, so I think Buzzsaw is still winning overall here. The transparent purple cassette case he comes with is a bit strange, though. It does its job, but it opens up completely differently from how cassette cases actually open(ed) up, and less logically so. It’s hard to describe, but you have to get him out sort of upside down and backwards, and because of where the support pegs are he kind of hovers inside the case. It’s not a complaint, though, just a headscratcher.


The transformation sequence is a lot of fun, even if the stiff neck joint means I have to use a little more force than I’m comfortable with (pretend I made a joke about chiropractors here, haw haw haw). But this part is where the magic happens: you push two tiny flaps around and Buzzsaw’s back cannons are somehow transmogrified instantaneously out of the aether; I don’t know if I should credit this to darke alchemical magicks or alternately to divine loaves-and-fishes mitosis. Anything to avoid crediting Takara/Hasbro, apparently. The rest of the transformation is a lot of fun too, if not quite so thaumaturgical.

Buzzsaw is perfect in robot mode. Any time we get anything resembling a parrrotformer I go nuts, and while Buzzsaw is more raptorial, it’s only because he’s his G1 cartoon character model in physical form (seriously, he even has a tiny little flip-out camera in the top of his head). As far as I’m concerned, that’s two itches scratched. Buzzsaw’s articulation is phenomenal, too: his neck is double-jointed, his wings can fold forward so he’s roosting (or swooping), and his feet can be folded back and side-to-side, meaning he can either duck-waddle or perch smugly like a cormorant. You can also flip them back so they disappear entirely for flying poses, but it’s the perching and roosting that does it for me. I think it appeals to my love of putting fantastical villains in mundane situations. Buzzsaw chilling out and having a nap is all the more appealing because of Buzzsaw flipping out and killing Omega Supreme.

I wish they’d been able to make Buzzsaw’s wings foldable backwards, so he could raise them in a flapping pose, but that wouldn’t be feasible with the transformation as slick as it is, and really, given the choice between flapping or roosting, I’ll take roosting any day. If you only get one Masterpiece Cassette: get whichever one you like the best, because I don’t own the others and therefore am in no position to judge. But Buzzsaw is absolutely rad.