Whenever my friend Suri posts me a parcel full of action figures, he tends to toss in a bunch of extra stuff just cos he’s an awesome guy. One time, he gave me the SOTA figure of Ibuki from Street Fighter, who came with a little toy tanuki. I unpacked the parcel in my study, so I put the tanuki on my desk and kept unpacking the other stuff. The tanuki is still there today.

That parcel arrived about five years ago.

All the toys on my desk get rotated and swapped around fairly frequently, but that tanuki has always remained a constant. Heck, when I got a new desk, the tanuki went onto the new one before my computer did. When I’ve worked away from home for any length of time, the tanuki has come with me in my suitcase. He’s about two inches from my keyboard while I’m typing this sentence right now, and he’s probably still two inches from my keyboard whenever you’re reading this. He’s even showed up in comics.

So, when I wanted something for constant size comparisons to other action figures, he seemed like the obvious choice in terms of immediate availability at any given moment. But I realise that not everybody has a tanuki on their desk all the time (we can’t all be so lucky, I guess). So, for reference, here he is next to a 375ml soft drink can and a standard 4×2 Lego brick.


If you want an actual review, I think he’s really nice and you should get one if you can, especially if you’re a fan of tanukis.