Online retailers put a three-per-customer limit on these Shocker mooks, which annoyed a lot of people who wanted to army build them. But not me! I only need one Shocker mook on my Kamen Rider table; they’ve already got Shadow Moon (and M Bison from Street Fighter) to occupy them. Besides, I can’t think of many funny scenarios I’d want to pose mooks in that would require more than one of them. Funny poses are what action figures of generic mooks were made for. It’s always better when you have a generic grunt as a discrete individual; having him do something out of character is ten times funnier if he’s by himself and out of place doing it.

The Shocker mook himself is a pretty good toy. I haven’t bought any other SHFs lately, so I don’t know if this is a new thing across all of them, but the lower arms and legs are a softer feeling plastic than the rest of the figure. It doesn’t feel any less sturdy than the regular plastic though, and has kind of a nice texture to it.

The articulation is fantastic, as expected on SHFs. The shoulder joints are completely different than I’m used to, though – they’re sort of ball-joints-within-ball-joints sunken into the torso just under the shoulder, and 90% of the time they look far more organic and natural than the SHF shoulder joints I’m used to. The downside is that the remaining 10% of the time is when you want to do a pose that requires lifting the arm straight up and forwards. Normally a figure not being able to do the Nazi salute wouldn’t bother me because I am not a crazy person, but it’s kind of the signature pose for the Shocker mooks. You can get a pretty decent salute out of him, but you have to pick between height or direction past a certain point. But it’s worth it to have such otherwise expressive shoulders, in my opinion.

Shocker mooks are pretty much the most basic sculpt you could ask for, being regular dudes in black spandex. The sculpt detailing on the big giant belt buckle is great, and the buckle itself somehow manages to avoid getting in the way of the leg poseability whatsoever. I feel like that’s kind of a small miracle right there. The only place where the articulation is hindered by the sculpt is on the feet – the ankles are strange little ball joints, that are great except where the shape of his boots stop his feet being able to lift forwards at all.

The head is also pretty nicely done, especially considering how hit-and-miss a lot of human faces are handled compared to bugmen helmets. The paint is well-applied, except for an errant streak outside the lines on the skeleton design on mine. I’ll take that over a blobby face any day, and the tiny silver details on the costume are all perfect. I do wish we could have gotten an alternate head, though – deadpan always enhances any comedic activity, but my heart will always pine for an open mouthed “EEEEEEEEE!”.

They decided to re-release the Shocker mook in three-, six- and nine-packs for people who wanted to army build them! …as a web exclusive missing the iconic skeleton paint apps. I don’t understand that either.