This is our first political comic since the election. We really went all out on the political comics during the election season, and when you riff on one topic for so long, once you hit any kind of milestone (the election itself) you tend to notice how burned out you are on a topic. Not that I think we did bad comics (although we did grab some low hanging fruit), but that the wave of energy you’re riding finally breaks and rolls back. Then you have to find some other target to throw peanuts at for a while.

Ostensibly, I elevator-pitch Zunfa Comics as “a three-panel comic about what’s making news headlines,” so it makes sense for us to do politics. But it also gives us leeway into movies, vididjamagames and whatever is on the frontpage of BBC News on any given day if we’re stuck for ideas. I dunno how the comics about Martin and Robert talking garbage come into that, though. Sometimes we just like to makeĀ jokes, jeez.

I don’t really wanna write about the subject of today’s comic, partly out of tiredness over current Australian politics and partly out of the desire to not dissolve this space into a foamy sea of vitriol and spittle. You’re either preaching to the choir or you’re yelling at a brick wall at the moment, and I’m not that interested in doing either. But thankfully, I don’t have to – in the interest of citing sources, GetUp! already put together a useful infographic for me. Well, not forĀ me specifically. I’m just co-opting it.