There is actually no website that criticises the websites that criticise gaming journalism, we made that one up. But considering how worked up people get when they see things they are fans of get analysed, it’s only gonna be a matter of time.

But the previous fractal layer of journalistic criticism exists; and for a good reason. A lot of online videogame journalism is bad, and here’s why: most gaming “journalists” aren’t actually journalists, they’re just dudes that like videogames. Which doesn’t sound like a problem at first, but consider it this way: I like the news, but I don’t ever purport myself to be a regular journalist. The skillsets are the same, the topics are just different.

That’s at the root of why so many gaming news sites aren’t really about gaming news any more. Their writers have never studied journalism, and don’t know how to be journalists. So rather than find new stories, they’re just reactionary. They have the same abilities as any other non-journalist who likes videogames. They have to wait for stories to come to them, and they’ve gotta fill the space between them somehow. So they branch out into less and less videogame related things, like movie trailers and Japan and boobs and I’m not kidding I’ve seen them write about Snuggies, usually long after those things ceased to be timely. Eventually, it’s how you end up with “stories” like this one.

Polygon recently cut a whole slew of its writers, which is what sparked this comic now. I feel like this post from (aforementioned-second-tier-fractal-criticism-website) Loltaku explains it far better, and more succinctly, than I ever could.

Unlike the fictional Martin in the comic, I still play my 3DS on the train all the time! Or, at least, I used to until I started writing The Crashing Empty. Now that takes up approximately all of my time.