This will be a very familiar situation to anyone out there who has made films.

Sound recording on set is one of the weird catch-22s of filmmaking. People perceive you as less important than camera, and wasting everybody’s time when you want to hold things up to get better sound quality. What do you mean, there’s cars? This is entirely your fault, somehow!

But then, they get to post-production. Suddenly, they realise how important it is! And it’s still somehow your fault as the sound recordist that they ignored you.

But none of that – none of it – is nearly as irritating and frustrating as the mic picking up traffic that you can’t hear with the headphones off. The only thing that’s more aggravating than that is when a car drives past, just when everything is ready for the director to call action, and you have to say ‘hold for cars’.

Also, the characters from L-R are named Rebecca ‘Holly’ Holiday, Fazilah Abdel-Fattah, Alice Flanagan and Note Tenuto. I’ll talk more about the others over the next few comics, but I wanna talk about Alice right now, cos this is her only appearance.

Alice was going to be a chipper and optimistic character, who was secretly an asshole. Characters who love being assholes just for the sake of it are usually surly and belligerent, and I really wanted to write one who was always upbeat and cheerful and smiling. And why wouldn’t they be, if they’re enjoying being a prick to everyone? Plus, I wanted to write the jerk character as a woman. They’re more often than not men.