God, all of the backgrounds I drew for Life on Sticks were the death of me. This one more than any, I think.

I showed all of them to Robert after I drew them, and this was the only one he had actual practical feedback on. “Change the word ‘honourific’,” he told me, “it feels out of character for Tim.”

I think he’s right, but I couldn’t think of anything better. I was also trying to keep it clear that Tim didn’t actually mean ‘honourific’, and that he was just covering his arse. It had to come off as a working punchline as well, though, and – as a result, I still like the idea of this comic, but its execution is flawed.

The character in the last panel was called Pedro. He was going to be the sleazy character that hits on all the women, except he was going to be pansexual and hit on everyone. I only just realised now while typing this that I basically had The Todd from Scrubs without realising it. (Yes, there’s a Scrubs wiki, because of course there is. I love the internet.)

I said the other day that Tim was basically me as a teenager, but I dunno if I was ever this bad on this particular topic. I might have thought it, but I dunno if I ever actually asked it. I was still an asshole, though.

I’ll talk about Note in the next (and final) comic annotation. They’re tied with Alice as my favourite character from this whole thing.