Lore and I – the real life people that is, not just the fictional pair that share our names – are getting married in just under two months. There’s a lot of work in planning the thing! That’s why I’ve been scant, and occasionally nonexistent, on delivery of the annotations lately. I’m still of the opinion Robert should write them anyway. He’s the more eloquent of the two of us; it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with my own laziness.

Lore and I were both confused by the “top tier kept” checkbox on our wedding venue’s form, but a quick google search revealed what we’ve had Robert explain in panel one. We were still pretty confused.

The logic behind it actually arrived by way of my mother. She explained that back in her day, wedding cakes were very dense fruitcakes soaked in alcohol. The longer you left them, the better the alcohol seeped in and… fermented the fruit, or made the cake richer or something? As a teetotaller, the precise mechanics at play both eluded, and slipped through the sieve of, my uneducated mind. But they were better the longer you left them, so you’d freeze the top layer and get it out a year later: at the christening of your first child. One year later! Old timey folk didn’t fuck around! Or rather, well, the pun is sitting there, but I’m not picking it up.

I guess there was less a) protection options and b) to do for entertainment back then.

You may have noticed from the comics, but I’ve been playing a lot of Smash Bros. 3DS lately. By “a lot” I mean “sometimes while I’m on the train,” which is pretty insignificant by the standards of me-ten-years-ago, but by my current standards – hello, wedding planning – it’s an incalculable investment of my spare time. (Ten years ago I managed to play through KOTOR II twice over a month or so, alongside other games. Twice! I can’t even imagine playing it through once in a year now. I’m too young to be old.)

I looked up Captain Falcon on the F-Zero wiki the other day, because I wondered if he has a first name. He does and it’s my favourite piece of trivia now: Captain Falcon’s real name is Douglas Falcon. Douglas. It’s a name so ineffably stupid that it kind of becomes awesome again. Also, his middle name is “Jay.” Captain Falcon has the same middle name as Homer Simpson.

Captain Douglas Falcon.