It may surprise you to learn that, despite the handicap of not being a baby boomer who likes cruise ship vacations, I honestly really love Jimmy Buffett. This is the song the comic is about; it’s probably his best known tune. If you don’t understand why I like his music so much, or you just want a primer on his work, I recommend the album Volcano. It’s a good cross-section of different musical styles, so if there’s anything you like on it, he most likely has a full album of exclusively that type of song. (And yes, the opening track is basically a remake of Cheeseburger in Paradise. Also, that youtube video is just a shade sped up; it’s still good, but my guess is the uploader’s record player is turning a bit too fast.)

I explained this theory to Robert in real life as it dawned on me, and while we agreed when later writing a comic about it that a silent punch panel was funnier, I think his response is worth documenting: “What… what do you want me to even say to that? How could any man unpack what you have just told him?”

Also, maybe I’ve been on the internet for too long, but I don’t understand why vore has become the internet’s go-to “too weird” fetish. I mean, yeah, I don’t get the appeal, but I’ve seen online communities form around the desire for way stranger stuff.