Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way first, Thor: The Dark World is really good.

The first Thor is a feminist movie, which I didn’t pick up on until it was pointed out to me, but the things that I liked most about it were, in retrospect, things I liked because they contributed to that. I thought I liked them because they were fresh and new things to be in a Hollywood action film, which is also true, but far more sad when you consider the first statement.

One of the things I was wondering going into the second Thor film was, would they be able to keep that element going? (Different writers and director might have killed it dead, for example.) Not only is The Dark World also a feminist movie, but it’s even more so than the first film. It’s like they realised that some people didn’t pick up on it the first time around, so they had to put it into overdrive for the sequel. If they want to up the ante again, they may have to stray into full-blown strawman feminist levels for the inevitable third movie.

There’s apparently at least one magical boyfriend manga variation on the genre, although sadly it doesn’t look like the same kind of deconstruction as Evangelion or Madoka. For shame.