This is one of those scenarios where Robert and I give the comic characters we foolishly named “Martin” and “Robert” the same events as our own lives; as usual, though, somewhat fictionalised. Lore’s and my wedding was indeed a pretty unusual affair, as will be demonstrated on the site at a later time, but most of that chaos was planned at least.

I actually got back from my honeymoon quite a while ago, about halfway through The Residual. But that had to be finished, and hey; then there were trailers to make fun of, y’know, important stuff. This strip’s been waiting in the buffer for a fair amount of time: Robert and I wrote the script a few days before the wedding. That way, we had unlimited possibilities of wedding and honeymoon jokes we could choose from, while circumventing the uncomfortable fog settling that anything might have been inspired by reality. And yet we still went with this joke.