In real life I’m openly queer; however I’ve always imagined the fictional character ‘Martin’ in the comic to be straight, and somewhat fragile about his sexuality. (He’s certainly said some casually homophobic things.) But he’s also argumentative, which I think would translate to shamelessness when he wants his money back. And for those of you with short memories, his odd tastes have been mentioned previously.

Sex toys being toxic is a very real issue; that link and the next one are obviously NSFW, unless you work in an adult store (hey, it’s better than a McJob). I could write a long annotation about it, but it’s already been said perfectly. If you own a sex toy or are in the market for one, the content of that page should be required reading.

I’m also not sure whether this constitutes a four-panel comic or a three-panel comic technically; perhaps a four-panel diptych? There’s a pun in there about “dick-tips” given the comic’s subject matter, but I’ll leave it up to you to puzzle out the mechanics of it.