Lore, my fiancée, is in Hollywood right now, representing Australia in the World Championship of Performing Arts! It’s pretty damn cool. But it means she’s going to be in the USA for the entire month, to which my response was naturally haha yes we can get some comics out of that. Fictional-comic-Martin is usually quite different from me, but in real life, I didn’t go to the airport either. She had to leave at 5am! That’s ridiculous. She was kind of relieved when I agreed not to go to see her off. She doesn’t want to think back fondly while she’s away on me being all tired and cranky.

The Robert of the comic presumably lives with Martin – at least he does when the joke needs it, or when I’m lazy with the art and just wanna draw people on couches. But in reality, the Robert whose name he stole lives in Japan. I still live in Australia, and we write the comic and Ephemeris via Skype. (Yes, that’s where this came from.) It’s actually way more efficient than when we sat in the same room to write, because we can both type at once thanks to Google Docs.

I can’t remember exactly when he moved, but it’s gotta be around four months ago. We didn’t say anything on the website at the time, because we didn’t want people to know there’d been a shift. “That’s when it started to go downhill,” people would have an excuse to say, “I knew there was some kinda change right then. You can pinpoint it.”

I think we’ve done enough comics since then, and the exact comic it changed on is so lost in the quagmire, that it’s safe now. And yes, I went to the airport to see Robert off. But his plane left in the mid-afternoon.

What was I originally meant to be talking about? Oh yeah. We’ll definitely do some more comics about Lore competing in WCOPA.