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It’s always a bit awkward after you’ve broken up with a running joke, especially when you run into that joke’s topic again in the news later.

Robert and I made the decision a while ago, vis à vis North Korea and Apple. Each week it was either one or the other that was making the news we wanted to satirise, and our archive was basically filling up with strips about the two of them. It was a constant struggle to decide whether we wanted to make another joke about them, and eventually we realised we had to consciously draw a line in the sand.

The analogy kind of falls apart here though, cos we’re still going to make jokes about them when they do something particularly outlandish. But we didn’t want to become North Korea & Apple Comics.

Also, I said we had nothing big planned for the hundredth, which of course is a big lie, but then we didn’t have anything big for the hundredth! Gotcha.

Congratulations on one hundred comics! Congratulations to me, that is, because I drew (most of) them.