Annotation by Robert:

The DC Extended Universe is a fascinating case study in filmmaking catastrophe after filmmaking catastrophe, broken up only briefly by the bright spot of Wonder Woman. Justice League cannot technically be the nail-in-the-coffin, because Aquaman’s shooting is mostly complete. But The Flash is still floating in pre-production limbo, and Wonder Woman 2, Man of Steel 2 and Cyborg seem less and less likely as the dismal box office numbers for JL get worse and worse.

Entirely absent of that, Martin and I both enjoyed Justice League, because it achieves the glorious miracle of wanting its audience to have fun. It has the good horse-sense to portray Superman as a heroic figure who smiles and cracks jokes, in sharp and unexplained contrast to his prior two solid movies of sulking, but it’s also very awkward because his upper lip is obviously digitally altered to hide Henry Cavill’s contractually-unshavable moustache. And that’s the movie in a nutshell: a blatantly obvious course-correction papered over with bad VFX, but one with its heart in the right place. The rest of it is mostly so-bad-it’s-good with occasional legitimately-good, most of the actors do well with their ridiculous dialogue, and I was more than entertained throughout its runtime. I expected The Avengers Except Shit, but got Lord of the Rings With Superheroes And It’s Endearingly Shit.

Also, interesting making-of facts: when we originally wrote this comic, we gave the Flash a line as well, but it didn’t fit the flow so we cut it. Satisfied, Martin and I decided the comic was finished, only to realise that we’d never once brought up Aquaman. And doesn’t that sum up this movie’s Aquaman in a nutshell: so forgettable it’s hard to even make fun of him. It’s bizarre to say that about Jason Momoa, who usually radiates friendly-bro charisma, but it’s the truth.