Lore and I are getting married next week!

Even in reality, Lore’s far more nonchalant about it than I am, for a bunch of reasons. She’s taking what is, as popculture would have me believe, traditionally the groom’s stance, which is that at the end of the day, whatever happens, we’ll be married and that’ll be the main thing. On the other hand, I’m far more stressed about all the details we’ve been organising going off without a hitch (or, rather,¬†with a hitch, in this context).

Admittedly, we’ve got a lot more… cool stuff¬†going on than the average wedding, so it’s a lot more like I’ve been in pre-production for a short film than planning a wedding. I don’t wanna say too much, cos we’re planning to film it for all to see. We sincerely think you’ll want to, and not just cos it’s our wedding.

We don’t have Michael Bolton, though, just nipping that in the bud.

Here’s a list of the comics Robert and I have squeezed out of the engagement:

  1. She Said Yes
  2. (En)guaging Their Reactions
  3. I Hate To Wake Me Up To Say Goodbye
  4. The Book Of Love Is Long And Vengeful
  5. Comic Title