The events we describe actually happen in the movie. Dr. Kafka is a creepy cackling German torturer-scientist stereotype who actually says that first line, and plays the Blue Danube while working. Let me stress that: we haven’t exaggerated the second panel, at all. Those things happen. In a movie made in 2014.

The thing is, Dr. Kafka was actually a character in the comics. She wasn’t German though, and she was also, y’know, a woman. It doesn’t surprise me that a Hollywood movie would pointlessly recast a female role to a male one, but TASM2 has some unusual and interesting back-and-forth with how it portrays women, so I’ll save that topic for a later annotation.

We created Fraulein Rodrigo, a Magellan officer in Ephemeris, as a play on the giggly German torturer-scientist cliché. There’s a justification for it in that context, though, and we play it for laughs as much as we play it straight (which, let’s face it, describes roughly 90% of things in Ephemeris.)

Fun fact about this comic’s production:

I inked almost all the lineart, then when I saved after combining two layers, Photoshop deleted most of the image (not related to the layers, either, just the majority of my lineart). No amount of undoing could get it back, so I had to ink it over again from scratch. I didn’t mention it on the site at the time, but last week I cut my drawing hand by breaking a glass while acting. That made it even more fun to draw a comic twice for no good reason!