The cool change came the afternoon after we wrote this comic, of course. But Australia was in the middle of a heatwave until a few days ago, reaching temperatures of 46°C (that’s 115°F, Americans). That’s all while the US is reaching record lows with the polar vortexGood thing climate change isn’t real!

It was 44° where I live on the day Robert and I were supposed to play golf. Guess what got postponed.

Also, dragons breathe fire; come on, this is basic dragonmolology here. You’ve at least seen Game of Thrones. I don’t know how much cultural currency our fire danger index has outside of Australia, but this thing is like a big Trivial Pursuit pie crescent with a Twister spinner arm mounted on a signboard in every town. Heck, it even reads like something from a game if you’re not used to it; the second ranking is “High” and the top is “Code Red.” Mel Brooks could have put it in a movie and nobody would have batted an eye, probably.

It’s easy for me to make jokes, but it’s difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t grown up with it just how terrifying it is to see that arm keep sneaking up the ranking as the weather gets hotter and dryer. I was in a bushfire as a kid, and I still feel the adrenaline shots of panic whenever I smell smoke I can’t see the source of.