Ghost Love Story is a short comedy I made when I was at film school in 2011. The script was literally a dream I had; I wrote it down when I woke up and it went through minimal alterations during pre-production. By which I mean to say you can’t blame me if you don’t like it – blame my subconscious over which I have no control, or the producer who demanded rewrites. You’ve read our ‘movie executive’ comics. Always killing my babies. Damn.

I still think the film is pretty funny, but like anything made while you’re a student, it’s far from perfect. I was also in a very different place emotionally back then. I wanted to tell different stories than I want to tell now. And – while I won’t try and claim the premise is unique and gripping – there’s something about that setup that I find appealing. Someone who feels they have to do something because they’re the only one who can. There’s loam of some description waiting there. I invented the mechanics of a whole world, and I’m not done playing in it yet.

The movie was shot on 16mm 8673 Fujifilm and turned black and white in post production (I was a cheapskate student), which is why I’m drawing the comics by hand with grey Copic markers. Also maybe because I need to practice using them. There’s a venn diagram of artistry and practicality.

Ghost Detective: Thee I Call Rich Beyond Wishing will update sporadically, a couple of pages at a time, inside the regular run of Zunfa Comics.