The Courier Mail, one of Rupert Murdoch’s papers, compared the national broadcaster ABC to an international terrorist group on its frontpage, with a tasteless photoshop job. Robert and I had a tough time actually making up things that were more wildly inappropriate than that. It’s a difficult thing to exaggerate.

Somehow, we managed.

Also, if Tony Jones, Charlie Pickering or Annabel Crabb are reading this, we’re sorry we love you guys (and your lawyers), it’s the work of the Murdoch papers’ headline-writers we take issue with. And just think of what a great conversation starter a framed print of this comic would make, on your coffee table or mantlepiece!

Ps. I only just realised that monday’s strip was our 300th comic. Just imagine for a second if it was the first Zunfa Comics strip you ever read. Whoof.