So, it looks like Disney are buying Fox; it’s all over the internet, I surely don’t have to find a specific article to link to about it.

The art here is far, far from my best work. I was really sick while drawing it, especially yesterday in the pencilling stage (I normally draw the whole comic in one sitting in about two hours; that should give you an indication of how bad I was feeling). There was meant to be one of the blue aliens from Avatar in there with them, but I saw the word “alien” in the script and, in my delirium, just figured it was the xenomorph that I’d drawn already; they were all meant to be carrying cardboard boxes of possessions to their cubicles, but I simply forgot entirely.

The most annoying thing is that now I’m feeling a bit better, I can now see in my head how I’d like to redraw the comic, with a much cleaner layout and added visual jokes with the personal items in their boxes. But I just don’t have the time. As Robert once said in the podcast, we make the comic we’re capable of making on whatever given day, and then it gets sucked into the black hole that is the archive. I think Robert said that. It might have been me, but I always attribute it to Robert, because quoting someone other than yourself always lends any given thought more gravitas.

I don’t mind the xenomorph or Spider-Man, but they were pencilled while I was only starting to spiral downwards; the rest was like a fever dream. At least the joke’s funny.