I got Figma Billy a couple of days before I left for my postgrad intensive, so my plan was to take some photos and review him here. But when I sat down to do it, I mostly just wanted to recount my sixty-two-year-old mother’s response to and interactions with him.
So I figured – we all know that Billy’s a great toy, why not just let my mum write the review?

The poses I’ve framed in blue are entirely her own work, which I discovered on the kitchen bench each day. This is what she wrote:
When Martin first liberated Billy from his packaging and showed him to me, the first thing I said was “Oh that’s revolting.” I think my eye was caught by his little-boy-ish white knickers.
On closer scrutiny, his boobs swelled into vision. Martin tried to make them look more appealing by dressing them in a bra which he tried to tell me was a scarf, but I’m not that easily tricked – clearly it’s a bra.
Martin turned him round to start swapping his hands, and there at the back were his fairy wings – omg, I can cope with monsters and ninjas and daleks and skeletons (actually I really like the skeleton) but a muscle man with boobs and wings???.
I pretty much wrote him off then, even though Martin tried to win me over with his cutesy little shorts and tool belt. However… after Martin had gone off to start work, I couldn’t help myself. I really wanted to make him do a handstand and show off to his friends who were watching him.
He’s actually very poseable, the movement in his joints is fantastic.
He also has a really nice face, in fact he looks like a friendly, smiley sort of fellow. I was intrigued so I got Martin to google him when he got home to show me what he looks like in real life – he’s a lot better than the model and even though I don’t like muscle bound men, anything’s better than fairy wings.
I’ll have to try him on my Beswick horses next I think.

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