“and plunged into distant regions,
his head a bathysphere;
through his eyes’ thin glass bubbles
he looked out, reckless adventurer
on a landscape stranger than Uranus
we have all been to and some remember.”
- Margaret Atwood



Act Two

Chapter One: Tiramizoom
Chapter Two: Space Team One Walk Into A Bar
Chapter Three: For Whom The Clong Tolls
Chapter Four: A Mars’ Day’s Night
Chapter Five: Martin Runs Through It
Chapter Six: It’s Oni Natural, And, A Faer Assumption
Chapter Seven: Reporting For Duty
Chapter Eight: Quiche To The City
Chapter Nine: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, part cinq
Chapter Ten: Another Hole Inside The Hollow Mars
Chapter Eleven: Giving An Oni A Club
Chapter Twelve: The Cavernous Life of Safety Ninja, Part One
Chapter Thirteen: Ascending, And, Descending
Chapter Fourteen: The Cavernous Life of Safety Ninja, Part Two
Chapter Fifteen: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, PART SECHS
Chapter Sixteen: Wobbly Table Discussions
Chapter Seventeen: A Yellow Flag Is A Red Flag
Chapter Eighteen: Firesabre Bundle From A Train Station
Chapter Nineteen: The Doctor Is In (Well, Technically On)
Chapter Twenty: Whisky, But Not On The Rocks
Chapter Twenty-One: Whisky In The Ravine-O
Chapter Twenty-Two: Mo Piuth, Mo Problems
Chapter Twenty-Three: Broken Up Into Bits In My Moat
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, pars septum
Chapter Twenty-Five: Gunfight At The Millstone Saloon
Chapter Twenty-Six: King Clong
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Space Team One Walk Out Of A Town