“and plunged into distant regions,
his head a bathysphere;
through his eyes’ thin glass bubbles
he looked out, reckless adventurer
on a landscape stranger than Uranus
we have all been to and some remember.”
- Margaret Atwood




Act One

Chapter One: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, part one
Chapter Two: A Room With A Broom
Chapter Three: A Never-Before Herd Signal
Chapter Four: Martin Steps Up To The Plates
Chapter Five: Mo Hawk, Mo Problems
Chapter Six: The Bitter Milk Of Rejection
Chapter Seven: I’ve Been Sleeping All Alone, Lord, Tiramisu
Chapter Eight: He Bag Production, He Got Wall-less Hut Built
Chapter Nine: They All Packet In For The Night
Chapter Ten: Space Team One Enter Venus’ Neck Of The Plains
Chapter Eleven: Baby Bundle To A Battle Station
Chapter Twelve: Stomp In The Name Of The Cromwell
Chapter Thirteen: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, Part II
Chapter Fourteen: All Artichoked Up
Chapter Fifteen: The Bladesaw Is Ready
Chapter Sixteen: Space Dan Is In Tents, And, Martin Makes A Fuzz Over Nothing
Chapter Seventeen: A Study In Orange
Chapter Eighteen: A Pleasure To Meat You
Chapter Nineteen: Ordering The Court
Chapter Twenty: My Pear Lady
Chapter Twenty-One: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, Part 3
Chapter Twenty-Two: Martin Of Veluria
Chapter Twenty-Three: Hold The Line
Chapter Twenty-Four: Bat From The Dead
Chapter Twenty-Five: Bonfire Of The VAL-ities
Chapter Twenty-Six: Robert And Aleya’s Friendship Becomes Patchy
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Space Dan Has Some Time To His Cell
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Mountainous Life of Safety Ninja, Part One
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Mountainous Life of Safety Ninja, Part Two
Chapter Thirty: Martin Steps Up To The Gates
Chapter Thirty-One: The Ball Is In The Banana Republic’s Court
Chapter Thirty-Two: The Ball Drops
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Steaks Are High, And, Martin Jigs His Memory
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Bulkin’ Pact
Chapter Thirty-Five: The Line Is Out Of Line
Chapter Thirty-Six: The Alpha Posse Come Together As A Bunch Of Beams Come Apart
Chapter Thirty-Seven: All Riot On The Castle Front
Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Armies Converge
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Rampart Squad, And, Rampant Trickery
Chapter Forty: The Really, Really Long Chapter
Chapter Forty-One: Robert And Martin Are Reunited While The Mandate Of Imminent Death Is Torn Apart
Chapter Forty-Two: Tarred And Chairthered
Chapter Forty-Three: The Penultimate Clash
Chapter Forty-Four: Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Bear Claw Be Also
Chapter Forty-Five: The Ultimate Clash
Chapter Forty-Six: The Curious Life of Juan Druskard, Part Four
Chapter Forty-Seven: The Postultimate Clash
Chapter Forty-Eight: The Falstaff Leaves