“here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart”
- ee cummings




Prologue: The Koala Who Fell To Earth And Then Was Squashed
Chapter One: The Heroes’ Awakenings
Chapter Two: The Heroes Continue To Remain Awake, As The Insect World Around Them Prepares For Sleep
Chapter Three: Baby Cart To A Train Station
Chapter Four: A Man Misses Uranus
Chapter Five: Highway to the MurderZone
Chapter Six: A House Denuded
Chapter Seven: Into The Temple
Chapter Eight: I’ve Tried To Build Fences But They All Fell Down
Chapter Nine: Ding Dong, It’s Robert’s Dad
Chapter Ten: Minor Backstories
Chapter Eleven: Time Trials
Chapter Twelve: Robert Gets Splattered Open And Dies
Chapter Thirteen: Another Hole Inside The Hole You’re In
Chapter Fourteen: A Knife Day For A Soujourn
Chapter Fifteen: Fuel For Thought
Chapter Sixteen: Nobody’s Fuel
Chapter Seventeen: The Last Drone Has A Beef With Robert
Chapter Eighteen: Sew It Comes To This, And, A Faer Amount Of Dust
Chapter Nineteen: Water Marvellous Night For A Moondance
Chapter Twenty: Space Dan And VAL Enter Earth’s Neck Of The Woods, And, Martin Milks His Situation For All It’s Worth
Chapter Twenty-One: The Art Of Wardrobe
Chapter Twenty-Two: High Way To The MurderZone
Chapter Twenty-Three: And Soda Fight Ends
Chapter Twenty-Four: Glucose Encounters
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Really Long Chapter
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Faeries Head For Parts Unknown, And, Martin Causes A Storm In A Spaceship
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Space Dan Knocks Over An I.V. Stand

First Intermission

First Intermission, Chapter I
First Intermission, Chapter II
First Intermission, Chapter III
First Intermission, Chapter IV
First Intermission, Chapter V