You can listen to this comic’s creation here!


It was entirely Robert’s fault that we wrote the comic about the wrong goddamn country – I can prove it too, because there was a microphone present the entire time. I only realised he’d read the article incorrectly after I’d drawn the comic. I ain’t redrawing that! The joke still works either way, although I guess Obama is funnier than David Cameron because Obama.

I love the reasons offered for shutting down the UFO desk, too. Seriously, go read that article. “It serves no defence purpose” and could be used for “more valuable defence-related activities”. The Ministry of Defence sounds like John Malkovich.

The other things mentioned in the comic might be a bit more obtuse, so if you can’t be bothered to listen to the podcast, here’s a run-down:

  • The sasquatch. I find the obfuscation of the frame rate and the amount of proof that hinges on it… well, interesting to say the least.
  • Nazi-powered UFOs. Robert tells this story the best in the podcast, I hadn’t heard of it before. But apparently top Nazi officials escaped at the end of WWII and hid in UFOs in Antarctica, and occasionally pop out and fly around for reasons. This is a thing that some people actually believe. They’re powered by “vrill” though, not actual Nazism itself; that was just a mistake I made when Robert called them “Nazi-powered UFOs”. If you didn’t think that theory could get any crazier (ie: better) then you can thank me later.
  • Astral projection. As Robert said while writing, this is all sort of Age of Aquarius stuff. You get the general idea.