If you’d told me there’d be a celebrity death this year that would hit me harder than David Bowie, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But now we’ve lost Carrie Fisher and her mother; drowning in moonlight, strangled by their own bras. That link leaves out one of the funnier lines from that part of the book, by the way; she mentions that George said it “as confidently as if he’d been up there to space himself and had a look around, and nope! Didn’t see any bras or panties or briefs.”

So, of course, this was my warmup sketch for the comic:


This strip took me almost 45 minutes to get exported due to unexplained computer crashes and failures, which is one last kick in the teeth from 2016, I guess. Comics have been thin on the ground these last few… weeks, months? …and I’ll talk about that in the new year, but not tonight. Carrie Fisher was a icon of normalising mental health discussion, and I intend to honour her in the new year by being more open about that. But for tonight, let’s just celebrate the end of this awful Year of Our Lord 2016 in style.