(Fictional) Martin has a history with baby milk. And as I mentioned a little while ago, (real) Robert’s in Japan now! Since we’ve finally shared that on the site, we figured it was time to do some comics about it.

I drew panel 3 in the style of an ukiyo-e print, a distinctive Japanese woodblock printing style that’s been popular since the 1600s. The Great Wave off Kanagawa is probably the most instantly recognisable of them all, and I’ll never get tired of seeing it on endless tote bags and phone cases, because I think it’s gorgeous. It took me years to notice Mt Fuji in the background – that print is actually one in a whole series of prints depicting it. And I assumed it was another wave when I was a kid!

Here’s a larger version of panel 3, without the dialogue balloons:


I just want to draw ukiyo-e style backgrounds forever now. Every comic we do must be set in Japan from now on.