There’s been a lot of talk recently about the US government spying on all private phone communications, to the point where I’m not going to try and toss my own dissection of the issue into the hat. Enough pundits have already had at it enough that I can’t add any meaningful information. There’s obviously a delicate balance between liberty and security, and we all have different personal stances on it. I know where I stand, but it’s such a shades-of-grey area that it’s not worth wasting my time or yours to write, and then read, a neverending essay about it. You could probably infer the gist of my opinion from having read the comics I create.

While there’s no concrete indication that anybody is actively listening in to your conversations, we can’t help but wonder the eternal question: if they were, would it be possible to actually care about teenage drama?

(The proliferation of soap operas indicates to me that the eternal answer is yes.)