So, Marvel have made Captain America a secret Nazi double-agent in the comics. We struggled to write this comic initially, because – well, how can we top that? That’s already a panel 3 concept.

Obviously, all superheroes get a turn at being secretly super evil all along, and then it’s re-retconned away in a few months’ time. Heck, Superman must have spent more time in “but guys, what if… Superman was actually evil!” stories than regular ones by now. But making Captain America, a character created by a Jewish man specifically as a hero to stand up to antisemitism in WWII, into a literal Nazi, especially at a point in time where (due to the MCU) he’s become a well-known cultural symbol of idealism and hope, is just a bridge too far. It’s a bridge even further than that run-on sentence.

More knowledgable people than me have dissected it in the context of Marvel’s interior splits between the comics and the MCU, and in the context of what I just discussed above, and in the context of the internet’s recent rallying to give Cap a boyfriend (my thoughts: heck yep), so I won’t get too deep into it myself. But suffice to say, even though it’ll be gone and buried in a few months – depending on book sales, because make no mistake, it’s just a publicity grab in very poor taste – it’s still a very valid thing for people to be pissed off at. I wouldn’t want to be Chris Evans volunteering at some children’s hospital as Captain America, and have to answer a Jewish kid who asks him why Cap is a Nazi now.