We’re not trying to actively make fun of Muhammed Ali’s pneumonia - as the article says, he’ll probably be out in a few days. But there’s a springboard there for jokes about boxers, vis-a-vis illnesses.

My mum got pneumonia once, from inhaling oven cleaner. Accidentally while cleaning an oven, I mean; she wasn’t huffing the stuff. But she was in hospital for a little while, and then was fine, and she didn’t have quite the fitness of a three-time heavyweight world champion. She had the fitness of a five-foot-four fifty-year-old gardener, which is predictably what she was. Nowadays she’s more like sixtysomething and five-foot-three.

Additional fun fact: I learned the other day that in China, the George Foreman Grill is endorsed by Jackie Chan. Lore has a George Forman Grill and, if you want my honest opinion, I’d probably put my name on the damn thing too. But come on, I want a Jackie Chan Grill. I feel like I’m missing out.

Edit: My mum saw this, and sent me a message letting me know that she’s actually five foot nothing now. That was fast! Stop shrinking, woman!