So, Lore went to Hollywood to compete in the World Championship of Performing Arts! She came back the other day, with a lot of medals. And a big placque that says “Champion of the World – Best Original Composition 2014″ on it. Which is pretty cool. I stayed here and drew comics. Well, no. I’ve also been writing a novel! But that doesn’t sound as glib.

She also came back with a severe ankle injury! She hurt it just before the competition started, of course, and literally the day before going to Disneyland. So her friend and fellow actress Tyla Bertolli pushed her around the theme park in a wheelchair. (Sidenote: Lore still performed, on her ankle, and just pushed through it, bursting through the pain barrier into a realm of medals and glory.)

This comic is based on their experiences; Robert and I consolidated a few different events together, because we’ve only got three panels to work with, but the events themselves are true to reality. I may have exaggerated by drawing Tyla in the dress while at Disneyland. But I dunno. It felt downright¬†wrong not to.