Robert and I have our birthdays two days apart from each other, so every year we have a combined party with all our friends.

This year, we decided that since we had a bunch of friends in the same room, we might as well create a comic together as a group. Usually Robert writes the comic while I sit and toss out ideas for jokes and dialogue – could that scenario work if you replaced me with twentysomething other people all shouting out ideas simultaneously?

I connected my computer and tablet to the living room TV and drew the strip live as everyone was writing it. We recorded the whole thing as a Hilaricast, and now you can listen to us! It’s a pretty fun one I think.

It was a strange experience – I’m not used to speed drawing – and hopefully we’ll repeat it next year.

Why do they give Kirk the Enterprise for breaking rules and being impetuous, anyway? In the Armed Forces he’d be dishonourably discharged for oh wait it’s because it’s a Hollywood movie, of course.