Jane was in the comic once before, and apparently she really liked the experience. It’s Jane’s birthday, so Robert and I did another comic about her as a present! (We are cheap like that.) She is indeed a great pâtissier, last year she made a cake shaped like a Tardis.

Lore’s been in the comic twice before; neither time did she speak (although she did make Q*bert noises). If you’re confused about who these people are, they’re our Doctor and River from Series B.

I love it when I get the chance to draw women; the comic is, let’s face it, effectively about two white men who discuss what other (often white) men are doing. Because that’s a story that needs to be told. Some of it is inevitable – our subject matter is politics and the entertainment industry, both of which are largely controlled by white men. So I try and draw women and POC in whenever I can, just to try and get some diversity in there. Dang. The patriarchy even limits what we can lampoon.

Tomorrow is Jane’s birthday party, so we figured today’s update would be a good day for this comic. Thing is, Jane’s birthday was actually a few weeks ago – tomorrow was the only day that enough people were free. Tomorrow is also, incidentally, Lore’s actual birthday. You’d think this might make it awkward, but the two of them are kind of like a gender-flipped me and Robert. We combine our birthdays anyway, which is what the title’s referencing.

I guess what you should take away from all this is happy birthday Jane, happy birthday Lore, and fuck the patriarchy.