Yes, there was actually a proposed sequel to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that never happened for various reasons, perhaps for the best. Not least because they’d never come up with as good of a title as Robert did here. Someone on Reddit came up with an idea that, quite honestly, I actually think isĀ good. Not the title comment – that wouldn’t work; I mean the comment below it.

More importantly, it’s true: almost a decade since we last saw any concrete evidence of it being worked on, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is quite apparently on its way. However, there’s no release date set, so I’ll believe it when I see it. Michel Ancel’s fervent claims that “we actually will finish it, for reals, we’re all set to start making it soon, we’ll definitely finish it for sure” seem like oddly specific denial, but in the words of a classic TV show that was later revealed to have no idea what it was doing, I want to believe.

That said, Duke Nukem Forever – for decadesĀ the synonym for vapourware – is now languishing in bargain bins worldwide, so anything’s possible. Atari might be releasing a new console. It’s a world made strange by its familiarity that we suddenly live in.