The worst thing about the now two-part movie which is now technically fully titled “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice: Part One: Enter The Knight & Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice: Part Two: Dawn Of Justice” – my god, I was making a reductio ad absurdum joke, but it’s actually true; twenty-three words and six colons, that’s 3.8 words per colon, what a world we live in.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, that’s right. The worst thing about it is Robert and I realised that in order to make fun of them, we’re going to have to sit through both of them. We really don’t want to sit through two movies. One was going to be bad enough! You just know they’re going to be, like, two and a half hours each as well.

Everything about Batman Vs Superman Etc really does feel like something a fifteen year old who likes ‘dark and edgy’ garbage would come up with, which frankly just means DC Comics knows their audience.

At least Wonder Woman’s going to be in a movie for the first time in… ever, actually. Who knows how well she’ll actually be written, but small mercies.