I’ve never pushed a hoop down a road with a stick, but I have flattened a coin on a train track. I’m pretty sure it’s been a “thing” since coins and trains first existed.

I know that some Americans have a lot of furor over changing the design of their notes to be accessible to sight-impaired people. (News flash: they already change the designs all the time, go grab a couple of twenties from across the years and witness Andrew Jackson’s steady escape from the currency, like some mad Presidential version of the girl from The Ring.) But here in Australia, we’ve had individually coloured notes since before I was born. Fives are pink, tens are blue, twenties are red, fifties are an orangey-greeny-yellow, and hundreds are green (presumably so rich people can still swap bundles of cash and feel like cool people in Hollywood movies). We also use plastic notes, which makes them harder to dramatically tear up or light cigars with, but does mean that finding a twenty in your pants pocket when you take them out of the washing machine is a pleasant surprise.

While the different colours do help quickly tell them apart (they also get larger as the value increases), I had to google a $50AUS note to get the colour from. I’m severely red-green colourblind in certain bands, and the fifty sits right in the middle of it. (You’d think colourblindness would be devastating to an artist, but it usually just sort of… isn’t. My brother is even more red-green colourblind than I am, and he’s a lighting designer, so go figure.) I bring this up because I adjusted the colour I picked so it would stand out more against Robert’s shirt in panel one, so if it looks off, that’s why.

On the topic of ‘secret projects’ again; there’s one project I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time to that I hadn’t been counting whenever I’ve brought it up, because it’s nothing to do with the site. But in a few weeks’ time I’ll share it here anyway, and hopefully this terrible dearth of time that plagues me will be alleviated slightly. The podcast was the first thing to go; we’ve still got a bunch of audio files sitting there waiting to be edited and posted, but it’s starting to look like there they will stay.