The plural of Lego is “Lego bricks” leave me alone “Legos” always sounds funnier

Robert and I always try and differentiate “comic writing time” from “other conversations.” In the same way that engineering is applied physics, writing comics is basically just applied talking about things. We figure it’s important for it not to bleed into our day-to-day interactions, lest it take it over like some sort of bizarre psychological three-panelled parasite. When we say or see something that we think has the potential to become a comic, we simply declare it “comickable,” and return to it the next time we sit to write comics.

Every now and again, though, we just copy out an entire conversation because it was basically a comic. I was about to suggest that maybe we’ve been steadily rewiring our brains to make comics, but I realised half way through typing it that I had it backwards. We make comics because our brains are wired strangely.

We had to rock-paper-scissors over the title, though. I wanted to call it “Shingeki no Clooneyjin.”

George Clooney’s coffee ads have been plastered everywhere, and that coffee cup really is tiny. I think it was on the small side in the original ad they did (to give the illusion of Clooney coffee scarcity, I guess?) but I swear it’s getting smaller. Look at this newest ad:

clooney coffee

I’ve mirrored it from here, because the picture will be gone by the time the ad campaign finishes. So if you’re reading this in the future, you’re welcome for this past-time advertising.

As a filmmaker slash space-otaku, I’m surprised I haven’t seen Gravity yet. I hope they factored in the Giant Clooney’s higher mass; it would explain why people are apparently drawn towards the man.