Happy 200th Zunfa Comics strip! I still remember writing the first strip so clearly, and also the fifth for some reason.

These are my first paintings in almost two years, and you can see a clear progression across the three panels as I slowly remember how to paint. I’ll post higher-res versions when I photograph them; I was losing light fast when I took this ‘group shot’ as it was.

We did a lot of jokes about Apple in the early days of the comic, and even though we put an embargo on making them, they’ve just sort of stuck. (Ditto jokes about North Korea; we were even lampshading that by our 100th comic.)

While Robert and I may have problems with Apple’s ethics as a multinational company, its actual shopfront staff are highly knowledgable and really nice, and their computer support is great. (At least in Australia, in the Apple Stores I’ve been into over the years.) I honestly did have to send my Macbook – on which I draw the strip – in for repairs, and they fixed a bunch of stuff for free practically overnight.

We’re never going to stop lampooning Apple’s lack of international morality, though, unless they fix it. Here’s to another two hundred strips!