Robert just explained me some historical stuff that I got horribly wrong in the text below. I got schooled, in the most literal sense possible.

There are no Terracotta Warriors in the Gobi Desert – there is a long line of broken Terracotta Warriors inside the actual Terracotta Warrior chamber, waiting to be admitted back into the pit when they get fixed. That’s the setup for the joke, and the Gobi Desert thing was the silly exaggerated third panel.

Which means I just drew a comic from a script that I literally was too stupid to comprehend, and the end result was still funny to people who understand the background. I don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed.


I can’t find an article about it now, but Robert told me that they’ve found rejected Terracotta Warriors abandoned out in the Gobi Desert. He has a degree in history, so I just believed him. He could tell me that Jewish people gunned down Hitler in a movie theatre at the end of WWII and I’d probably just believe him, though.

While the Terracotta Warriors are best known as, well, a bunch of terracotta coloured guys, they were originally painted bright gaudy nightclub-appropriate colours.