Roombas are really useful, and so having a robot to go around tidying up after you sounds really good on the surface. But when you think about it, when was the last time you were happy with someone else cleaning up after you? People shove stuff wherever it fits, even if it’s not where that thing is meant to go. Or they put things in strange places that don’t make sense to you, and whatever it was is now effectively lost to the sands of time. Computers are haphazard enough in emulating human thinking as it is; even other humans cannot usefully emulate each others’ thinking on this topic.

I really do like Mesba, though. He’s been in very few strips; he’s difficult to write for, which is ironic, since we created him to be an easy source of visual gags when we were feeling lazy. We convinced ourselves of the premise that a minimalist robot with only three personality traits (1: he is curious, 2: he wants to be helpful, 3: he is compelled to tidy things away) would be easy pickings, but this is apparently not the case (at least for us). Nowadays I just take it as a personal challenge instead.

Nothing special planned for monday; probably just a regular ole’ comic.