I feel like I need to add something here. I considered pulling the comic down, but it’s up, and I don’t like to self-censor once I’ve released something (far better to attach an explanation to it about why it’s problematic than to try and brush it under the rug). Robert is, ironically, on a plane right now, so I haven’t consulted him about this (and he may not know what’s developed at all).

It is now generally agreed that everyone on board MH370 is most likely dead. Up until now, Robert and I were both fairly certain that the plane was going to turn up on the black market, and the passengers be found wandering the desert somewhere. We wrote, drew, and published this strip with that assumption in mind, when the news story was “a plane went mysteriously missing over a particularly inaccessible bit of ocean.”

As it is, we wouldn’t have made this jokeĀ after the development of the story. I want to make that clear. And it’s kind of embarrassing to have the strip up on the frontpage until friday. But I’m going to leave it, because it’s better to leave the embarrassing blots so we remember to be more cautious in the future.

And, if anyone’s upset or offended by the comic, I apologise for it.


The problem with searching for MH370, the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, is that it’s thought to be lost in one of the most inaccessible parts of the ocean to search.

Also, I feel like it’s important to point this out, we’re not making fun of the plane’s captains. We’re making fun of the media coverage of it. I know that if you have to explain that about a joke then you’re probably treading on eggshells, but I can’t think of another way to convey it outright.