Happy New Year! Maybe we’ll get back to actually, y’know, satirising the news this year. Who can say.

Here are the polaroids from the comic, unstretched and actually visible respectively:

polaroid1 polarioid2

Visually I based Martin’s parents off my own. We usually plug any gaps in the comic’s DNA with frog genetic material from our own lives, so I guess Martin’s parents look like mine until we need them to look a certain way for a joke to work. I showed this picture to my mum and she hated the way I’d drawn “her” nose. “It’s just a quick Muppet-style nose,” I said, and tried to explain that it wasn’t actually her, but she wasn’t having any of it.

We wrote this at the same time as the last comic – we tend to write comics in pairs, since we do two a week (and an Ephemeris chapter on wednesdays! We’re not just lazy). You can kind of tell it came from the same conversation, but this time with a joke. These are more true stories from our childhoods, by the way, and we even got them the right way around this time!

My dog Rusty loved ice-cream, so one time when I was about six I shared with him, and he bit the whole end of the ice-cream cone off. So I wailed and then he licked the ice-cream out of my now-open mouth. His tongue was really scratchy and wet and horrible.