I have a guest strip today over at Depression Comix.¬†While I think it’s unlikely that my strip will trigger anyone, be warned that some of the regular strips might. They’re marked with trigger warnings though, and can be avoided.

Depression is not something I talk about a lot publicly, and I don’t think Zunfa Comics is really the right medium to do so. If you’ve listened to the podcast or met me in person I probably seem quite loudmouthed and opinionated, but in many ways that is a shield I put up in public. Being able to draw a comic like this was very cathartic for me, but also made me nervous over how people were going to respond to it. I am glad that people seem to have appreciated it.

Depression Comix is drawn by Clay, who also draws The Thin H Line. He was also the creator of Sexy Losers, my all-time favourite NSFW webcomic.