In reality, Apple aren’t so much min-maxing as they are min-taxing.

But, we figured the DnD analogy wasn’t a bad one: while what they’re doing might not technically be against the rules – well, nobody could confirm that it was at time of writing the comic – it’s certainly against the spirit of the game, and ruins it for everyone else involved. And really, the DM (in this case, the US tax department) is the one putting in the effort to facilitate the whole thing; why would you want to make life more difficult for them?

(The answer is greed.)

The black turtleneck skivvy makes it clear enough that it’s meant to be Tim Cook representing Apple in the comic – well, that and the tax dept DM refers to him as “Apple” – and is it just me, or does that guy really look like Ryan Stiles in certain photos?┬áThe other two are Bill Gates as Microsoft and Larry Page as Google. I know that Bill Gates as Microsoft is inaccurate these days but damnit he’s fun to draw, so here he is again.

You can listen to this comic’s creation in Concoction Hilaricast #2.