The new site is live! Thanks for bearing with us while everything’s been down and I’ve been posting comics to the Zunfa Facebook page.

But now the site is back up! And oh my gosh guys look at how awesome it looks now. It looks awesome to reflect the awesome new stuff it’s going to be doing from now on! First of all, there’s a neatly organised comics archive (‘Comics’ in the menu above) and an archive for these news posts things (‘Archive’). And you can read The Zunfa Ephemeris on its own page here! (‘The Zunfa Ephemeris’ in the menu at the top.)

That menu at the top! It signifies the awesomest change of all. See how after Ephemeris, it’s got links to my name and Robert’s? And then some other people? Well, we have a team now. Team Zunfa is a thing that exists. They’re all creative people from the Melbourne area that are going to be posting their own content on the site, and it’s going to be so unbelievably rad. You might even say I helped “assemble” them, in the manner of… “avengers” of some kind? We’re gonna have music, comics, animation, writing, and all sorts of neat collaborations across the site. Lore, Amber and Felix are all such talented and cool people and I am so excited to see what we all create together.

The sad thing is, at the moment, that functionality is still being worked on. The other person in Team Zunfa is Andrew, who is the site designer and basically webmaster (and also a fantastic animation and VFX guy in his own right)! He’s currently working on it, but we decided it was better to get Zunfa Comics and The Zunfa Ephemeris back online as soon as we could. It doesn’t make sense to hold off launching the parts that work fine! Comics will resume twice weekly on monday and friday, and Ephemeris chapters will resume weekly on wednesdays. We’re working on something to let you know from the homepage when new chapters (and Team Zunfa content) is posted, so you won’t have to go clicking through all the areas to check for changes.

So, that’s the new site! I really hope you all like it and I am sure you will. It’s already great and it’s just going to get even greater.